Rubber coated pot magnets that act as magnetic bases for mounting and holding.They are the best strong magnet assemblies,which provide solutions of waterproof and rust-proof magnetic clamping to longer the service life.

Rubber coated pot magnet can be made with an internal(female) threaded,external(male) threaded and screwed bush on one non-magnetic side.Because of the soft rubber,scratches are avoided on the surface of contacted objects.You can use the rubberized magnetic system as a magnetic base on cars and fridges for mounting or holding objects.

Linkup Magnet has developed a number of molds to manufacture rubber coated magnet of vairous types and sizes.The diameter of round shapes  from 22mm to 135mm,and the pulling force from 3.5kg to 55 kg.
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1. Commonly used types of rubber coated magnet.

External Thread
Rubber Coated Magnet

Internal Thread
Rubber Coated Magnet

Screwed Bush
Rubber Coated Magent

Rectangular (1 hole or 2 holes)
Rubber Coated Magnet

2. The extended applicatoins of rubber coated magnet.
Magnetic Sucker Holder With Rubber Coated Magnet

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Linkup Magnet offers rubber coated magnet or magnetic assemblies in a variety of styles and in several different sizes.Custom types and sizes are also available upon request.

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