Linkup Magnet producing cost-effective and high-quality neodymium magnet according to the customer requirements.They are widely used in generator,sensors,electronics,PM motors,loudspeaker,medical equipment,electrical machinery,and other industrial fields.

Sintered neodymium magnet,also known as NdFeB magnet,is the strongest commercially available permanent rare earth magnet in the world.Its maxmimium magnetic energy product BH(max) is between 33 MGOe and 55 MGOe.

According to different formulas,the temperature resistance of the sintered neodymium magnet can be from 80 degress Celsius to 220 degrees Celsius,which can meet the application needs of different working conditions.

Sintered neodymium magnet have good machinability and can fully meet the size and shape requirements of different industrial fields.

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