Magnetic assemblies contain magnetic alloys(magnets) and non-magnetic materials(steel,rubber,plastic and etc).Mounting and application specific features are easily integrated into non-magnetic materials,which often form housings or magnetic circuit elements.The non-magnetic element will also buffer the brittle magnet material from mechanical stress and increase the overall magnetic strength of the magnets.

The design of magnetic assemblies is very important.Our team of engineers can perform modeling and finite element simulation analysis according to the customer's design requirements.According to the magnetic characteristics of various permanent magnets,the design can be optimized to the greatest extent,and the assembly process of the components is particularly important.Our experience and production expertise can be well applied in this regard,and the combination of many aspects can ensure that the magnetic assembiles meet the needs of customer design.

Linkup Magnet supplies magnetic assemblies in variety of styles and dimensions,such as neodymium pot magnets,alnico pot magnets,ferrite pot magnets,magnetic hook / hook magnets,rubber coated magnets,office magnets,fishing magnets,welding magnets,pre-cast magnets,magnetic lifter,halbach array magnets,laminated magnets,magnetic rotors,magnetic coupling and etc.We can supply custom dimensions to meet your exact specifications.

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