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Linkup Magnet manufactures rare earth permanent magnets as required and provides perfoessional service for magnetic assemblies for various applications.

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Xiamen Linkup Magnet Co.,Ltd —— Offer the best solutions of permanent rare earth magnets for customers.

Xiamen Linkup Magnet Co., Ltd. is an high-tech enterprise engaging in R&D,production and marketing of permanent rare earth magnets.The company's entry into the magnetic material industry started with the manufacture of neodymium magnets and samarium cobalt magnets in China.After years of development and hard work by the team,we now offer the manufacture and machining of all magnetic materials. Linkup Magnet producing sintered neodymium magnets,compressed bonded neodymium magnets,samarium cobalt magnets,alnico magnets,ferrite magnets and magnetic assemblies for global customers,and strive to become customers long-term stable magnet supply chain partner.It has more than 150 employees and covers an area of 17000 square meters,with the advanced production equipment and modernized plant facilities,the annual production capacity exceeds 1800 tons. Based on the advantages of permanent magnet production and the development of magnetic technologies,we also provide permanent magnetic separators,magnetic chuck,magnetic coupling and etc. Our magnets and magnetic products find a good sale in Europe,North America,Middle East,Southeast Asia,South Asia and other parts of the world,among which the export sales occupy 85%.We adheres to the quality policy of "innovation,high-quality,continuous improvement,customer satisfaction",and has certificated with ISO 9001,TS16949,RoHS and Reach. Our Mission: We are committed to providing customers with stable performance,reliable quality,reasonable price and fast delivery of magnets and magnetic products,and through technological innovation for customers to save costs. Our Concept: Respect,Responsibility,Progress,Efficiency. What we are doing: To become the reliable and best magnet supplier to our partner or clients.   Production Equipment Vaccum Stripe Cast Furnace Power Process Automotic Moulding Process Sintering Machining Automatic Electro-Plating   Testing Equipment Hysteresigraph (BH) Tester  Laser Particle Size Analyzer Full-Automatic Magnetic Deviation Angle Tester Oxygen Analyzer Salt Spray Test Box X-ray Thickness Tester
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What is sintered neodymium magnet?
What is sintered neodymium magnet?

What is sintered neodymium magnet? 1.Manufacturing porcess: The sintered NdFeB permanent magnet adopts a powder metallurgy process. The smelted alloy is made into powder and pressed into a compact in a magnetic field. The compact is sintered in an inert gas or vacuum to achieve densification. In order to improve the coercivity of the magnet,usually requires an aging heat treatment. 2.Chemical Comp...

  • Review of Rare Earth Market in 2021
    Jan 17 , 2022 Review of Rare Earth Market in 2021

    The rare earth market faced great supply challenges on the back of surging demand thanks to the rapidly development sectors including new energy vehicles (NEVs), wind power generation, etc. in 2020-2021, which are the key application fields of rare earth products, fuelled by the global carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals as well as the upgrading level of consumption and recognition of energ...

  • What is supporting the price hike amid tightened supply of rare earth material?
    Jul 30 , 2021 What is supporting the price hike amid tightened supply of rare earth material?

    In recent weeks, the domestic rare earth market as a whole prospered evidenced by overall rising prices of all products. In particular, the price of praseodymium oxide increased significantly among others. In the middle and late June, the market prices of praseodymium rallied, and terbium bottomed out. Later, since mid-July, market prices of light and heavy rare earth rose across the board, and th...

  • China's rare earth sold at
    Mar 09 , 2021 China's rare earth sold at "earthly" prices

    At the press conference on the development of industry and information technology held by the State Council Information Office on March 1,the Minister of Industry and Information Technology said that China's rare earth has been "sold at the prices of earth". The news immediately drove the Northern Rare Earth's stock up to the daily limit,and Minmetals Rare Earth's stock approached the daily limit....

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