Pot magnet with a hook is called a magnetic hook or hook magnet.Magnetic hooks are great magnetic tools for hanging,holding,and mounting.To meet different application demands,the pot magnet can be assembled with a open hook,eyebolt hook,swivel hook,carabiners hook.In all,different application demands can be met by screwing different hook into the female or male threaded stud. Magnetic hook can be also made with rubber coated or or plastic coated.

Explore the types of our magnetic hook:

1. Neodymium magnetic hooks provide super-powerful magnetic hanging strangeh on small volume.

2. Ferrite magnetic hooks can help you to get the desired magnetic force at the lowest cost.
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3. Rubber coated magnetic hooks are uased on the surface where it is easy to be scratched by using normal steel magnetic hooks.

Linkup Magnet offers magnetic hook or magnetic assemblies in a variety of styles and in several different sizes.
Custom types and sizes are also available upon request.

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